Skilsaw recently announced its 10" heavy-duty worm drive table saw. This table saw is equipped with Skilsaw’s worm drive power train for maximum torque, and a patented Dual-Field motor that runs cool, enabling it to work harder and longer, increasing jobsite productivity. The table saw features a 3-5/8" depth of cut that cuts through sheet goods and cross-cuts 4x with ease and accuracy, as well as a 30-1/2" rip capacity. Skilsaw designed this saw with a precision rack and pinion fence system, allowing quick, smooth fence adjustments for exact cuts.

“We introduced the first worm drive table saw in 2015, and now, to further our commitment to providing cutting solutions to professional users, we’re bringing pros a heavy duty version with greater cut capacity and jobsite mobility,” said Bogdan Moldovan, product manager for Skilsaw.

Included with the table saw is a rolling stand with 16" wheels and a left-side support for larger materials, while the table saw’s flip support extends the fence beyond the table surface. Round-edged handles on the stand enable snag-free loading and unloading while transporting, and solid rubber feet provide extra stability whether the stand is in use or folded. Dust management is facilitated with a dust elbow, which can be connected to a vacuum or used to direct sawdust into a bucket or other container.

The saw is available in two different models: the SPT99-11, featuring a Skilsaw blade, and the SPT99-12, with a Diablo blade.

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