FCICA, the Flooring Contractors Association, continues its live online educational series with a webinar on Thursday, November 16 at 11 a.m. EST. Mike Pigeon, technical installation specialist for Roppe Holding, will present a session on Project Management for Commercial Flooring.

Pigeon worked as a contractor for many years, before moving to the manufacturing side as an installation specialist. Having recently completed the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) program and with background in both sides of the industry, Pigeon has a unique perspective on project management in the commercial flooring industry. Mike Pigeon utilizes his extensive background in flooring installation in his present role for Roppe Holding Company as a Technical Installation Specialist. He is a Certified Installation Manager (CIM) and currently serves on the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Task Force.

The webinar session will review the role and responsibilities of project managers, including planning and execution of the project, and managing the people, resources and scope, as well as the benefits of having well-trained project managers, and where such training can be found. As with every FCICA webinar, the session will also include an interactive Q&A.

For more information, www.fcica.com.