Wagner Meters’ concrete flooring division and software company Sitefotos recently announced a partnership which enables the integration of the Sitefotos photo documentation app with Wagner’s Rapid RH Bluetooth Smart Reader. This partnership will allow flooring contractors and other users of the Sitefotos app to read Rapid RH data via Bluetooth and automatically upload the readings to the user’s account in the cloud.

Wagner Meters’ smart reader allows users to take ASTM F2170 compliant relative humidity (RH) readings. The moisture readings, along with any photos, are tagged to the location and project. Then they are time stamped and stored on the cloud for easy and quick retrieval by the project personnel.

“The idea for our partnership started when the developer of Sitefotos noticed many of his customers were taking photos of the digital readings from our Rapid RH Smart Sensors, which measure RH and temperature in concrete,” said Jason Spangler, flooring division sales manager for Wagner Meters. “After he approached us about integrating his app with the Rapid RH, we soon saw how this could better serve not only our mutual customers, but future customers as well.”

When a flooring contractor’s employees and subcontractors use the Sitefotos mobile app to take photos of flooring and project conditions, the app can now receive RH readings directly from the Rapid RH reader. This may eliminate the need to fill out paper forms and ensures that the data is categorized and time stamped to the correct project.

“Having photo documentation with the date and time is not only valuable for communication involving a contractor, his employees, and subcontractors, but because everything is well documented, it’s also very valuable to help battle future liability should a flooring failure occur,” said Michael Lindenbaum, Sitefotos CEO.

According to Spangler, the success of this partnership could pave the way for integrating the Smart Reader with other apps in the market. “We’re certainly open to other similar opportunities should they arise,” he said.

For more information, visit www.wagnermeters.com or sitefotos.com.