TAJ provided the Select Planks/Royal Maple 3mm, 6" x 36" plank for acoustic testing by Intertek-ATI in accordance with ASTM E90-09, ASTM E413-16, ASTM E492-09, ASTME989-06 and ASTM E2235-04. The results, reported by Intertek, revealed that the application of the Aquaflex adhesive utilized the Gundlach CBD trowel had a 9/64" notch spread compared to typical LVT adhesives using a 5/64" notch spread. The 5/64" notch nearly doubles the adhesive applied to the concrete substrate.

"Developing a measured acoustical attenuation performance is just one more step in the evolution of our Aquaflex chemistry,” said Benny Dickens, founder and CEO of Formulators|Aquaflex. “This year we received our second U.S. patent. Now with the acoustic performance documented, we can safely claim Aquaflex as a viable strategy to reduce sound transmission on par with many secondary acoustic underlayment materials. When the installation system can function to eliminate: (1) the need for epoxy moisture mitigation, (2) improve the interior work environment by eliminating SILICA producing shot-blast procedures and repair products, and (3) provide noise abatement properties… well, you have something that truly defines value add."

Dickens continued, "Coupling our Aquaflex Silica-Free Waterproof Concrete Repair with Aquaflex adhesive is the easiest way to satisfy the new OSHA Final Ruling on SILICA and IBC Code 2006 for interior sound transmission. Aquaflex is the flooring industries only complete installation system manufactured by one company with performance contained under one warranty.”

The Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System is silica free, provides sound transmission reduction qualifying IBC 2006, Sec 1207, IIC(50) and STC(50), has non-hazardous, Zero VOC, bio-based and sustainable content, is safe for interior environments in schools and passes IAQ 01350, and is warranted to any moisture level.

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