Makinex has released a compact range of generators, available in 9kw, and 16kw models, that allow the user to combine three-phase and single-phase outlets. The Makinex Generator Range is a robust, powerful and reliable solution for providing power to equipment and tools, floor grinding, welders and brick saws, air compressors and a wide range of applications.

The generator alternators provide 11% more power from the same engine due to the RFL permanent magnet alternator, allowing a cleaner sign wave, which then achieves 92% efficiency, according to the company. They also has the ability to start single and three phase motors simultaneously. With no electronics in the alternator, they are reliable and have a longer lifespan. The generators are also easy to maneuver around small sites with a trolley frame and push along handles.

“We are continually looking to identify and meet market needs including providing equipment that is easy to use, so there is a strong focus on powerful compact generators,” said Paul Weaver, head of international sales.

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