Traditionally, installing the pointed, angular look of a chevron pattern floor is a complex, labor-intensive process. The ends of two equally sized wood planks must be cut at an angle and fitted together to create a point. The points of the slanted planks are then laid tip to tip to form a triangular point across the floor.

Hardwood company Havwoods International, based in the United Kingdom, is making it easier to achieve the look with its new Chevron collection. The pre-finished blocks and planks, made from European Oak, arrive ready to install on floors and walls. The Chevron collection comes pre-assembled and can be installed in the same manner as a traditional plank floor using a standard notch trowel, tape measure, hammer and miter saw. We recently spoke with Allan Singh, general manager for Havwoods International, to learn more about the installation of this product.

FCI: What makes the installation of your Chevron collection unique?

Singh: The Chevron collection is now available in pre-assembled planks, which come in four styles. The planks measure one foot wide by over five feet long. The planks are available in a tongue-and-groove system which means that installation is similar to a straight plank. That’s five square feet of product that you cover when installing each of the boards. So installation is fast and easy.

FCI: Do you recommend a professional installer put down the Chevron collection, or is it something a homeowner could do as well?

Singh: Yes. We recommend professional installers to install the Chevron planks as they would obviously have more experience in this field. However, a homeowner with some do-it-yourself expertise is also capable of installing these planks as long as they follow the guidelines provided by Havwoods International.

FCI: Walk me through installing the collection. Does it require any cutting, gluing or fastening?

Singh: Installing the Chevron planks is similar to installing any other plank boards. The big difference is that these boards arrive in a chevron pattern but are offered in a plank format. DIYers and installers would follow the same format as straight planks. We recommend that this product is glued. It can also be floated on an underlay.

FCI: What types of substrates can this collection be installed over? Can it be installed below, on and above grade?

Singh: Any clean, flat substrate surface, such as concrete or wood. Yes, the planks can be installed below grade as long as the installation requirements of the floor are met.

FCI: Are there any tips or tricks you would offer homeowners or DIYers looking to install this floor themselves?

Singh: Ensure that the substrate is clean and flat. Follow the temperature and humidity guidelines on the installation guidelines.

FCI: Anything else installers should know?

Singh: These products come in a range of four different colors. Our engineered chevron plank flooring products give homeowners and designers the freedom of design without having to worry about the high costs associated with installing blocks to achieve the aesthetic of a chevron pattern. Our Chevron planks are unique to the hardwood flooring industry.