Finding a functional, yet affordable subfloor adhesive to conquer squeaky floors has previously been a tough task. Stringent environmental standards have forced contractors to choose between compliant technologies with subpar results or high-priced, higher-quality products. But new Tytan professional subfloor high-yield adhesive offers a new alternative.

“Gaps or imperfections in the floor joists cause fasteners to become loose and ‘squeak’ as they rub up and down,” said Drew Robinson, marketing manager for Selena USA. “Tytan Subfloor High Yield Adhesive actually fills the gap instead of simply trying to bond the materials – reducing stress on fasteners – which leads to reliable squeak prevention. Plus, it will cure in a variety of temperature extremes to remain securely bonded.”

Tytan offers a unique and innovative formula that combines the strength, durability, and environmental compliance of polyurethane cartridge adhesives with the cost savings and speed of foam adhesives. It offers superior gap filling properties and creates a bond up to two times stronger than the competition to reduce stress on fasteners, thus preventing squeaks. The unique formula dispenses easily and cures even at below-freezing temperatures or on wet or frozen joists, making it the ideal choice for any climate.

In addition to performance, the efficient installation of Tytan saves builders and contractors on both time and money by requiring less product. It can also be used with a variety of gun applicator lengths for easier and faster application.

Tytan subfloor high-yield adhesive is formulated for installing OSB, plywood, treated lumber, composite decking, and many other popular construction materials and is ideal for a variety of applications, including manufactured and modular housing. It is HUD tested for shear-wall, non-shear wall and floor applications and exceeds ASTM D3498 requirements.

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