National Flooring Equipment hosted 45 distributors and end users for a two-day machine training workshop at the Certified Flooring Institute in Dallas. The training marked the company’s first large-scale event in Texas and provided an opportunity for the company to transfer its extensive surface preparation knowledge and expertise to its customers in the region, and increased equipment understanding help contractors across the region to improve job efficiency.

Current and potential customers from Texas and surrounding states attended the session, where National Flooring Equipment introduced them to all areas of surface preparation. Attendees gained hands-on experience using the company’s machines, as well as a detailed understanding of tooling and maintenance.

The training initially focused on National Flooring Equipment’s popular scraper range, introducing the attendees to both ride-on and walk-behind models. The distributors were then able to use the machines to remove hardwood floor and ceramic tiles to gain practical experience. National Flooring Equipment also demonstrated the tooling and blade options for each machine, so that attendees understood how to set up the equipment for maximum efficiency and return-on-investment.

The training also focused on scarifying and shot blasting, providing opportunities to practice and advice on when and why to use each technique. The second training day covered all aspects of grinding and polishing to give customers an understanding of each process from start to finish.

“The training was two full days of hands-on machine practice,” said Tom Dunn, director of major accounts at National Flooring Equipment. “We had five team members on hand to answer even the most challenging surface preparation questions to improve our customers’ knowledge, confidence, and decision making. Training is particularly important in the surface preparation industry. The more rental companies and contractors know about their equipment and tooling, the better they will be at operating and maintaining their machines. They will also be more productive on the job, saving time and money.”

The company has run quarterly training sessions at its site in Denver and is now rolling its program out across the country.

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