Coral Springs, Fla. -- There’s a lot of excitement when preparing for a bathroom installation and anticipating the finished product. But that anticipation can also lead to stress when it comes to selecting just the right products for a space. To lessen the stress and amp up the excitement, Tile Redi has developed the Virtual Shower Designer.

This one-page shopping solution is an image-rich, design and purchasing platform. Users can easily navigate through the simple interface to view countless choices of shower pans, enclosures, shelves, tile, and other accessories. Custom shower pans and enclosures can even be designed through the platform.

Throughout the process, products can be previewed in a virtual bathroom setting with the user’s chosen décor. As users select options like door type, glass configuration, and hardware finish, they can see fresh previews before moving onto the next step.

As users make their shower selections, Redi Tech automatically calculates configurations and measurements and then directs them to choices of Redi Door glass shower enclosures that are the right fit for the project. Once all the selections have been made, Redi Tech displays a final image of the shoppers’ complete shower solution.

To support trade professionals, Redi Tile has also developed the Redi Tech Pro, which allows builders, contractors, showrooms, and wholesalers to select which products and features they want to showcase for each customer and in what order. When they present the interface to customers, it also includes established pricing, as well as company branding and contact information.

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