Elk Grove Village, Ill. -- Wholesale flooring distributor EJ Welch recently hosted a training for Prova ceramic and stone installation accessories to introduce its Elk Grove Village sales team to the line. The full day training program, designed for sales professionals by M-D Pro, was used to educate and equip the E.J. Welch team with all of the technical information they required to start selling Prova products with confidence.

The training was led by M-D Pro’s Duane Farley, national sales manager and technical specialist for Canada, alongside Mark Albonetti, the Prova installation specialist for the U.S. A group of M-D Pro territory sales managers were also on site to support and answer any questions. The training consisted of a half day of theoretical product education and a half day of hands-on installations of the Prova shower systems. Even those who had never picked up a trowel before got their hands dirty and learned from an installer’s perspective. It ended with a written sales evaluation to test how much of the information was actually retained, and all associates passed with flying colors.

“E.J. Welch had bought MD products for over 35 years until MD’s exit a few years ago from the professional distribution channel,” said Keith Throm, vice president sales and installation products at E.J. Welch. “We are excited to be back and join the MD Pro team with the Prova Ceramic and Shower System line. After our day of training our sales team said that this was the most complete educational hands-on training that they have ever completed.”

More training dates are scheduled and underway with other E.J. Welch sales associates at their remaining locations. By March 2018 M-D Pro will have trained the entire team of 35 to ensure a successful start to the launch of Pova products at E.J. Welch and a prosperous future.

Prova products are available at all E.J. Welch branch locations and will also be available online at www.tools4flooring.com by March 2018.

For more information, visit www.mdteam.com, provaproducts.com, or www.ejwelch.com.