The Texas Motor Speedway, located in No Limits, Texas, is home to several popular NASCAR events each year. Everything about the place states no limits. Four Dallas Cowboys’ football stadiums fit inside the track. It has the biggest outdoor high definition digital display board in the country. It houses more than 190,000 screaming fans that attend the NASCAR events and make Ft. Worth their home for up to two weeks.

In the fall of 2016, Texas Motor Speedway management partnered up with Laticrete International to bring high performance Spartacote concrete coating systems to the raceway’s massive garages. The existing floor surface had a thin film epoxy that was failing and had exceeded its service life. The owners were not looking for just any old epoxy coatings as a replacement. They demanded professional, customized concrete coating systems, which is what Spartacote offers.

Working with design professionals, the owners initiated their garage floor concept, including custom colors, textures, logos, and specified a moisture mitigating primer coat spanning the concrete surface to minimize any excess moisture found within the existing slab. Texas-based flooring contractor Intertech Flooring was awarded the project due to their reputation in flooring solutions and experience in specialty, high-profile projects.

Intertech Team Lead Richard Garcia managed a team of six crew members to begin surface preparation procedures by shot blasting and grinding the existing concrete to CSP 3. Drytek Moisture Vapor Barrier, a 100% solids epoxy moisture mitigating primer manufactured by Laticrete, requires floors prepared to a CSP 3 for proper adhesion. Shot blast or heavy grinding is typically the best way to achieve CSP 3 for concrete surface preparation. Floor preparation is often the most time-consuming part of a professional Spartacote coatings project. It is also the most important part of a successful coatings project despite the type of resin applied. After grinding, the floor was repaired using Spartacote Fast Fix to treat the joints and areas of the concrete that scaled and spalled.

After Intertech completed the surface preparation, the crew began to mix and apply the Drytek Moisture Vapor Barrier (MVB) moisture mitigation primer. This moisture mitigator allows the contractor to pigment the resin so it can act as the base-colored primer coat within the coating system, saving the installer a step in the Spartacote coatings process. This product saves both the installer and floor owner time and money in returning floors to service as well as giving them a warranty against moisture- related failures. The crew rolled out the pigmented grey Drytek MVB across all 22,000 s.f. of prepared concrete at 12 mils thickness and allowed it to cure for 12 hours.

Upon full cure, the crew buffed the surface using a swing machine with 100-grit screens and then thoroughly cleaned it. Next, the Intertech crew began mixing and rolling out solid color and cherry red Metallic mid-coats of Spartacote material that served as the outline for the rectangle leading to the massive, 90-foot Texas Motor Speedway logo in the middle. (Note: in phase 2 of the garage installation, a cobalt blue Spartacote Metallic color was applied over the black base coat.) They also applied the black base coat in the inspection bay areas within the space so that they would be prepared for safety yellow striping. The mid-coats had Spartacote Grip added to the coating for additional foot traction.

Once the mid-coats cured, the Intertech crew applied the large Texas Motor Speedway logo over the Metallic coating. This stencil serves as the logo’s adhesive, ensuring exacting precision. The team applied, tamped-down, and carefully removed the backing adhesive and saw that Texas Motor Speedway’s logo turned out flawlessly. The Intertech crew then applied a final clear Spartacote topcoat over all 22,000 sf (2,044 square meters) of garage space to lock in all colors, textures and logos, and to ensure a seamless, durable finish.

The Intertech team completed and turned over phase one of the Texas Motor Speedway north commercial garage project in October 2016 in time for the Texas 500 NASCAR event in November.

“The garage floors at Texas Motor Speedway showcase the benefits of the Spartacote system in a dramatic way, including an energizing, fully-customized design with the Speedway’s colors and branding prominently featured on the high-traction, non-slip surface, as well as better chemical resistance and long-term durability over traditional epoxy floors,” said Douglas Metchick, president of Laticrete Supercap.

Phase two of the project, which was another 22,000 square feet, was completed in February 2017. To ensure materials are applied properly, Spartacote is recommended for professional use only.  Laticrete coatings professionals regularly lead mandatory training sessions all over the world.

Spartacote coatings are designed to withstand aircraft hydraulic grade oils, such as Skydrol, hazardous fluids and the regular use of heavy equipment. Although the Texas Motor Speedway garages endure more than 40 high-performance cars being worked on at any given time on race days, Spartacote coatings are three times more abrasion resistant than traditional epoxy, so a coating like this should last for many years.

With these floors, Texas Motor Speedway has raised the bar for NASCAR racetracks, according to Mat Stolley, vp operations, Texas Motor Speedway: “Not only do they convey our image as a first-class facility for our professional racing, they also provide a safe, high-traction floor for the race teams and NASCAR inspectors.”