Fall River, Mass. -- XL North announced it recently cut the ribbon on a new division with the roll out of three concrete surface prep products.

"We heard the calls from flooring contractors to create dustless surface prep products that are easy and safe to use, while remaining less expensive than traditional shot blasting and grinding systems," said Ed Sisk, president of XL North.

Heading the new division is Ron Sandoval, a surface prep veteran. "The need for these industry changing products has been around for years, but as creatures of habit, we stayed on the same wheel," said Sandoval.

Enactment of OSHA regulation CFR 29 1926.1153 was a driving factor for XL North's expansion into surface prep. The safety standard includes strict documentation regarding an employee's exposure to airborne silicas and may require contractors to retrofit expensive equipment. Because of these new regulations and industry changes, XL North has introduced XL Porosity+, XL Sander, and XL Clean-Up.

XL Porosity+ is engineered to open up the surface of the concrete, creating the porosity needed for adhesive bonding, coatings, sealers, and moisture mitigation materials. Producing a dust free, consistent surface for optimum chemical or mechanical bond, it requires only water clean up. XL Sander provides an OSHA complaint process to achieve the desired substrate conditioning acceptable for all adhesives without creating airborne silicas that can occur from traditional sweeping of the subfloor.

XL Clean-Up is used in combination with XL Porosity+ or XL Sander and continues XL North's commitment to environmentally responsible chemistries. It solidifies high solids slurry, and can be disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

For more information, visit www.xlnorth.com.