How technologically savvy are you? Probably more than you know. A lot of the installers I meet while on the road usually become bashful when asked that question. They stammer, “You mean, like with computers? Not very. Maybe just enough to be dangerous.” If they have some gray in their hair, they usually add something like “I let my grandkids handle that.”

If you consider yourself a Baby Boomer, then those grandkids of yours are those much-talked about, technologically-literate Millennials you keep hearing so much about. The ones that the media is always fascinated about and fretting over at the same time; the ones that so many marketing studies are commissioned over to learn their likes, dislikes and spending habits.

What’s one piece of technology you immediately think of when you picture Millennials? Probably their cellphones. Always texting. Always on social media. Ordering food online, ordering concert tickets online, and listening to music and watching movies from the cloud. They are incredibly tech-savvy.

However, whether or not you believe it, so are you. Why do I say that? Because more often than not when I’m at a show, I see all of you glancing at your phones, too. You check e-mails with them. You send quick texts to colleagues so you’re all on the same page for where you’re meeting later. You might even be looking at an online show floor map or using a dedicated show app to keep on top of the schedule and who you want to see.

Social media is another avenue I see more and more of you growing comfortable with. I really enjoy reading your comments on the FCI Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds, and watching you network with your colleagues and friends across the different platforms. Through your social media posts, I also get a chance to read about your latest projects and see the conversations unfold when you ask for expert help on an installation issue. 

Pretty much everyone has Facebook, so here’s a tip. If you go to Facebook and search for flooring installation and flooring installers, then click the tab for Groups (you may have to swipe across the screen to see that tab if you’re on your phone), you can find discussion groups centered around the details of running a business as a flooring installer. I’m a fly on the wall in many of these groups, witnessing the genuine back-and-forth when someone shares a project worthy of praise—and of course, when someone acknowledges that a job fell short of their expectations. It’s free advice from experts and professionals. If you’re not using these resources, it’s time to start.