When an unexpected flooring problem arose in one of Cincinnati’s most beautiful, historic buildings (The Belvedere–built in 1926), Stauf was tapped to provide a solution to a very uncommon situation.

The previous contractor had stapled 1/2 in. x 1 1/2 in. flooring directly to gypcrete. When the new contractor came along to renovate the job, large holes were found in the gypcrete and subsequently, some very porous conditions were present post-demolition. A key in the renovation was to maintain floor height at current levels, but find an acceptable method of shoring up the substrate and providing a sound surface to adhere to.

Stauf suggested its ULC-500 LevelSeal to repair and level the subfloor and mitigate moisture. Additionally, PUM-950 Power-Mastic was suggested to go directly over the LevelSeal to adhere the engineered flooring chosen for the remodel.

ULC-500 is a two-component, urethane leveling compound. It may be used at a minimum thickness of 1/32 in. all the way up to 5 in., and creates a moisture barrier of up to 18 lbs. CC or 93% RH. The product cures in four hours and can withstand almost any level of topical moisture, according to the company. Additionally, as a urethane leveler, ULC-500 maintains a compression strength of up to 14,550 PSI.

Unfamiliar with urethane leveling compounds, the contractor wasn’t fully convinced it would be the most durable offering with the least amount of steps. After thoroughly vacuuming the floor, installers from Mansion Hill Custom Floors mixed the two components of the ULC-500 and applied it with a squeegee, being sure to entirely coat the floor. When using a moisture barrier, it’s always safer to have the product generously applied, Stauf noted.

The next day, the ULC-500 was completely cured and seemed extremely durable to the contractors. However, these professionals still had their doubts. They needed to be certain the gypcrete would hold up under pressure, so they struck the coating with a hammer and the hammer quickly rebounded from the floor, causing no damage. The gypcrete underneath was unaffected by the strike as well. Convinced the substrate was repaired, installers used PUM-950 Power Mastic to adhere the engineered flooring directly to the newly cured ULC-500.

PUM-950 Power Mastic is a single-component adhesive that contains no isocyanates and maintains a shear strength of more than 390 PSI. Additionally, it is formulated so it will not etch prefinished flooring and can be removed once fully cured, Stauf said.

Both the condominium owner and the Mansion Hill Custom Floor team were pleased and impressed with the products’ performance and the way the job turned out. Members of Stauf noted that they are “proud of the role the products played in finding a solution to a not-so-common flooring problem.”

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