Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada -- BuildDirect, the online platform for purchasing and selling quality home improvement materials, announced several new appointments to its executive leadership team, including a number of leaders from Amazon, whose collective experiences will help the company scale to meet its potential as a transformative technology platform for the home improvement industry. Dan Park,recently appointed BuildDirect CEO, completed his executive team with industry-leading talent including Ken Stanick as chief revenue officer, Mukund Mohan as chief technology officer, and Godwin Pavamani as the chief merchandising officer and general manager of marketplace. The company also added Stephanie Roberts as the interim CFO, who formerly held the role as CFO for Old Navy.

The new team arrives as U.S. online sales of home improvement products increased 34% last year, rising to almost $20 billion. A restructured BuildDirect is poised to take full advantage of the rising e-commerce trend, as professionals, homeowners, and merchants reap the benefits of buying and selling direct through its platform. These management changes also support the company’s commitment to develop innovative and technology-driven solutions to simplify commercial and home improvement projects for contractors and homeowners.

“BuildDirect has always been recognized for pushing boundaries, at times before the market was ready,” said Park. “Today, we have an extraordinary team in place with a track record of excellence. We are united in our vision for BuildDirect’s future, and we are energized by the prospect of tackling the very complex and exciting market opportunity in front of us. The home improvement industry has never been more ripe for innovation, and BuildDirect has never been stronger.”

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