Ecore now offers a new Quad Blok installation system for its molded tile products. The Quad Blok system is available for one-inch tile and replaces the dowel installation method previously used.

“This system will provide a more effective and easier installation method for our customers,” said Chuck Wilson, product marketing director at Ecore. “Our Quad Blok interlocking connectors are manufactured from high-quality composition rubber and feature precisely located openings that interface with the corner leg understructure of each Ecore molded tile.”

Quad Blok connectors are quick and easy to install. Using Ecore’s E-Grip III adhesive, a quarter inch bead of adhesive should be placed on the perimeter of the Quad Blok. Next, the foot of the molded tile should be inserted into the Quad Blok. The Quad Blok helps to align and position the tile at the corner.

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