Mohawk Group now offers an industry-leading patented waterproof flooring installation system with the addition of Aquaflex M100Plus. Aquaflex is a simple, cost-effective system of products developed specifically for commercial customers designing, upgrading or repairing installations based on concrete subfloors.

“In every segment, flooring category and commercial space, Mohawk Group seeks best-in-class project solutions for our customers,” said David Thoresen, senior vice president of commercial hard surface, healthcare and senior living. “We believe in constantly innovating to drive better interiors, down to the adhesives and accessories we use with our products. Aquaflex M100Plus represents the type of disruptive technology that will move the industry forward, providing a solution that will set severe moisture issues aside without the extreme cost of mitigation.”

The revolutionary system consists of Aquaflex M100Plus Adhesive, a fully waterproof solution with the ability to cure underwater; Aquaflex M100Plus Patch & Skim Mix, a silica-free concrete repair mix; and Aquaflex M100Plus Adhesive Remover.

Mitigation procedures are often required for spaces with elevated concrete moisture, creating costly construction delays. Aquaflex M100Plus Adhesive avoids moisture mitigation completely and results in significant savings in both time and money. With this adhesive, installation takes just one day, compared to the regular three-day turnaround time for a traditional mitigation program.

Virtually any Mohawk Group branded enhanced resilient tile (LVT) flooring can be installed on top of Aquaflex M100Plus Adhesive. The sustainable adhesive is not affected by exposure to moisture of any RH level; therefore, no moisture testing is required. Aquaflex M100Plus also includes the industry’s only bi-directional warranty, which covers moisture that comes from the concrete slab below and any topical moisture from above.

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