Florence, Ala. -- In order to grow an even more customer- and project-specific focus, Kris Day, HPS Schönox national account manager, will assume a new role beginning in November. In addition to his responsibilities with HPS Schönox, he will also be the key account manager for Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance.

“Understanding the local challenges each Fuse Alliance partner faces daily, Day, with his knowledge, will provide synergies between HPS Schönox local regional business managers, the HPS Schönox Technical team, and each Fuse member around the country,” said Thomas Trissl, HPS Schönox principal. “Many of the Fuse contractors know him in his current role. Before that, he was also a regional business manager.”

From the Nashville, Tenn., area, Day joined HPS Schönox in 2012, growing his territory along with the company, ultimately achieving his role as the national accounts manager.

“I believe this will only make our relationship between Schönox and Fuse that much stronger,” said Geoff Gordon, executive of Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance. “Schönox is the epitome of the perfect supplier; no one even comes close to the kind of support Fuse gets from this company. I’m thrilled by this development.”

For more information, visit hpsubfloors.com or www.fusealliance.com.