Common adhesives for flooring in wet environments require pail mixing prior to application, and any remaining product is unsalvageable for the next project. Altro has developed an adhesive solution that solves both of these issues with ease – Altro QuickFix 3042.

Altro QuickFix 3042 is a fast-reacting, two-part epoxy caulk adhesive that allows for simple, precise installation of gulley edges and angles. Capable of setting in as little as 30 minutes, this product is ideal for small gluing work and last minute flooring repairs, performing particularly well in kitchens and wet areas.

Unlike traditional pail-based adhesives, Altro QuickFix 3042 does not require mixing prior to use and produces less waste for smaller projects. The dual cartridge design allows both adhesive components to mix upon application and efficiently distribute the appropriate amount needed for detailing.

Altro QuickFix 3042 is available as a 13.5-ounce dual cartridge system, with six dual cartridges available per carton.

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