The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has published new specifications for concrete industry professionals—ACI 563-18: Specifications for Repair of Concrete in Buildings. Architects and engineers can apply the reference specification to any construction repair and rehabilitation project involving structural concrete by citing it in the project specifications.

The document covers general construction requirements for all repair work; shoring and bracing of the structure or member to be repaired; concrete removal and preparation of the concrete substrate for repair and defines common equipment and methods; materials and proportioning of concrete; proprietary cementitious and polymer repair materials; reinforcement; production, placing, finishing, and curing of repair materials; formwork performance criteria and construction; treatment of joints; embedded items; repair of surface defects; mockups; and finishing of formed and unformed surfaces.

Provisions governing testing, evaluation, and acceptance of repair materials as well as acceptance of the repair work are included. Sections 9 and 10 incorporate by reference two other specifications—ACI 503.7 and ACI 506.2—into this ACI standard to cover crack repair by epoxy injection and shotcrete, respectively.

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