Our editorial director and my colleague and friend, Jon Namba, is a busy guy. I can’t think of one trade event we’ve covered together where he doesn’t need to excuse himself during a meeting to take a call about his contracting business or his inspection work. He’s also an instructor for the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and holds many behind-the-scenes responsibilities across the industry as a noted consultant and expert.

If you ever need to find Jon during a show, just look for him stopped in an aisle surrounded by installers, contractors and manufacturers eager to ask him his thoughts on the latest industry technologies, pick his brain about a problem they encountered on the job or just enjoy a moment of his company. Jon’s not only a busy guy but a friendly one—and you quickly learn that most of the people you see at these shows year in and year out are part of that network of friends.

If you can’t make it out to one of Jon’s many presentations or courses, or can’t visit one of the trade shows he’s attending, the next best way to spend some time learning from this approachable and seasoned installation expert is his monthly blog. Sponsored by Bostik and started early this year, “What Would Namba Do?” has quickly cemented itself as one of the most popular destinations on our website. It’s very easy to find. Either click on the What Would Namba Do? box in the top-left column of the fcimag.com homepage, or just point your browser to fcimag.com/blogs/19-what-would-namba-do.

As someone who has been writing about the flooring installation industry for BNP Media for more than 16 years now—and as editor of this magazine for almost seven—I can easily tell when someone is telling me something new and interesting, and when I’m just hearing about the same topics I’ve covered many times previously. Jon’s gift is everything he writes has the capacity to surprise and inform. Even on subjects in which I’ve thought I’ve heard everything, Jon makes them new. He often approaches problems from the side instead of head-on, and that leads to interesting solutions that many people wouldn’t even consider.

His blog has also created more engagement with our readers, which is something I always love to see. People aren’t afraid to ask him difficult questions—and he’s not afraid to answer them. Make sure to keep those questions coming. And if you see Jon during an event, stop and say hi. He’ll make time for you, and most likely you’ll walk away having learned something new about the industry as well.