This year marks the 25th continuous year of publishing Floor Covering Installer, and I wanted to take a moment to thank the most important people who made this milestone possible: You. The magazine has had its ups and downs over the years—reflecting the construction industry in general—but through it all we’ve been fortunate to have an engaged and passionate audience of readers. You always have a kind word or expert observation about the magazine, and that’s something I deeply appreciate and never take for granted.

It’s been quite the journey. I started working for FCI in 2002, as a humble editorial assistant who was only a couple years removed from having graduated college. At the time I lived in Southern California and drove the freeway each day to a branch office that no longer exists, because these days almost everyone works from home. I was first promoted to assistant editor and then associate editor. In 2012, while sitting in my home office in New Hampshire, I received the call that forever changed the trajectory of my career: An offer to become editor of this magazine.

It’s a responsibility I did not take lightly, and I still don’t. The competition in the installation industry publishing space has grown over the years, but I am sensitive to the fact that compared to the retail side of the business, the installation side is still not covered nearly as thoroughly. There are real-world consequences to not being as visible. Look at the long-brewing issue of retailers not treating installers what they’re worth, pushing quantity over quality, and now we’re several years into a shortage of qualified installers. Whenever I see someone on an industry panel fret and wonder how it all happened, I can only think, “Where have you been? This has been an issue since the day I was hired, and I’m sure has been an issue long before that.”

My hope is that I’ve helped bring more attention to the issues directly affecting installers and contractors by featuring your voices and perspectives in the magazine. Additionally, our editorial director and my personal friend, Jon Namba, acts as my eyes and ears out in the field. I know how to highlight your voices so the message comes across to non-technical readers; Jon knows exactly what new tools everybody needs, what new methods are entering the industry, and what to troubleshoot when an installation goes wrong. I think we make a pretty great team.

Thanks for putting me in a position where I can interact with you and learn the latest, directly from the source. And thank you, again, for 25 years.