Mohawk is introducing hard surface accessories in 2019 that continue the legacy of innovation with multi-functional transitions, moldings and adhesives, creating total flooring solutions for both retailers and installers.

“With our newest accessories, we wanted to provide complete solutions for any installation need,” said Angela Duke, director of brand marketing. “By building multifunctionality into all our transition packages, moldings and even adhesives, we can make it easier on our retailers, and, in turn, increase efficiency for the installers.”

When retailers place an order for Mohawk flooring, they can now order their adhesives, trim and underlayment on the same call with the same representative and receive all products in the same delivery, eliminating multiple orders and delivery times and saving time. Designed by the same in-house team that creates Mohawk’s many flooring options, Mohawk’s hard surface accessories launch is as equally advanced as the floors these products secure.

In the vinyl flooring category, Mohawk will debut a comprehensive vinyl trim package that includes the 2-in-1 vinyl transition which provides the functionality of a t-molding and reducer in a single, easy-to-install piece, aiding quicker installations. Additionally, Mohawk offers an end mold and stairnose, which can be installed either flush or overlapped and can accommodate bullnosed as well as squarenosed stair installations.

Similarly, Mohawk’s newest adhesives are engineered to offer multiple options and solve long-standing installation issues. Whereas urethane-based wood adhesives have to cure over time, are unstable in the bucket and challenging to spread, can squeeze up between planks and offer a slim window of time to use, Mohawk’s M92X is a next generation moisture-cured adhesive with a modified chemistry that is more stable, does not etch the surface, is easier to spread and has a higher initial tack which eliminates the need to tape the planks together. Mohawk V-One LVT adhesive provides 3-in-1 uses since it can be applied as a releasable bond for sheet vinyl, used for a permanent bond or used as a high-moisture resistant adhesive.

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