Ardex Americas has unveiled Flexbone Heat In-Floor Heating Systems. Ardex Flexbone Heat delivers customizable heat in a 3-in-1 membrane for heating, uncoupling and waterproofing. It has 81% less air space under the membrane for faster and more efficient heating, according to the company.

The Ardex Flexbone Heat cables are manufactured to the highest safety and quality standards with aluminum tubing and FEP cable insulation. The cold/hot junction is self-contained in the cable. There are 34 cable sizes available in both 120V or 240V.

Three options are available in the Ardex Flexbone Heat thermostats, including a Wi-Fi enabled option. Each system includes two floor sensors—one with the thermostat and one with the heat cable.

Ardex Flexbone Heat In-Floor Heating Systems are ideal for all types of tile, stone and other manufacturer-approved floor coverings. When installing the system, you can also qualify for the 10-Year complete system warranty. “Ardex stands behind all of our products, and we’re proud to offer a warranty with the Flexbone Heat system that will leave you feeling as comfortable as your installation will,” said Russ Gaetano, Ardex senior marketing manager, tile & stone installation systems.

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