iQ Power Tools has announced that it has entered into a partnership with TilersOnline of Sydney, Australia. TilersOnline is a family-owned business and a supplier of tile, landscape and related construction supplies. With fully-stocked showrooms and a 24/7 website, TilersOnline offers fast delivery of all its products to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

“We met with the folks at iQ Power Tools in the fall of 2018,” said Troy Lubben, managing director of TilersOnline. “We liked what we saw. Their tools were exactly what we were looking for... and, couldn’t have come at a better time. Keeping jobsites safe is a priority for all construction companies. Conversations on dust hazards are coming to the forefront. iQ’s dustless systems address these issues.”

Jim Mackall, iQ’s vice president of sales, added, “Educating workers on the proper use of our tools is important; even moreso is the importance of safety at the jobsite. The response has been phenomenal. Our live demos are heavily attended, and our social media platforms are exploding with customer posts, reviews, videos and questions. Everyone wants to know more.”

“We have quite a challenge ahead,” Lubben continued. “Many contractors are set in their ways. Change takes time, but with good exposure, proper education and great products, we can bring dust-free solutions to our country.”

“There is an international demand for safe, dustless construction tools... and, iQ has addressed that issue head-on,” said Paul Guth, president of iQ. “We are taking our dust containment solutions globally. Our personal pledge is to make available, safe products for our overseas partners... and educate them on how best to use them.”

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