Flooring tastes and trends continue to change at a rapid pace. Whatever your client’s application and desired result happens to be, careful and proper surface preparation is essential. Let’s go through a few of the trends to keep an eye on this year.

Metallic epoxy

Epoxy has traditionally been a floor covering popular in industrial settings, but its demand is now increasing in residential and commercial applications. Metallic epoxy, which contains a metallic pigment, can achieve a stunning three-dimensional effect with a colorful, smoky appearance that is completely unique.

To ensure that substrates are ready for this type of floor, contractors and rental companies should purchase a grinder to prepare the substrate before the coating is applied. Shot blasting may be inappropriate for a thin mill epoxy system, as the profile left on the floor can impact the aesthetic of the result. In these instances, a grinder would be the best option for the contractor while also being a fast and efficient method to prepare epoxy flooring in general.

Wood veneers

Rather than applying a wood print to floating floors, the industry is beginning to apply wood veneers to achieve a much richer, truer and individual finish. Additionally, using just a thin wood veneer reduces the amount of wood required to complete the floor, offering an environmental benefit. By applying wood veneers, companies and homeowners can achieve beautiful, unique floors.

To ensure a floating floor project is successful, the floor must be completely flat. Contractors can achieve this using grinding, shot blasting and scarifying, which greatly reduces the amount of time required to complete a project compared with manual methods.

Wood-look ceramic tiles 

Another trend this year is ceramic tiles with a wood look. The product has been around for years, but it’s gaining more popularity in homes and in commercial applications as a durable and low-maintenance option. To prepare a surface for this type of flooring, it’s important to thoroughly remove the remnants of the previous floor. A grinder can be a great addition to your arsenal to prepare the floor for a new ceramic tile, epoxy or other surface.

Using the correct surface preparation equipment is vital to ensuring a long-lasting installation. By using a ride-on floor scraper, contractors can efficiently remove the previous covering, saving time and money. Choosing the right scarifier, grinder or shot blaster for the right application is equally important. If in doubt contact your trusted surface preparation equipment manufacturer to give you advice and guidance on the best way to prepare a floor.