MAPEI recently launched Mapeguard WP waterproofing membrane systems, which are uniquely engineered to deliver waterproofing, crack-isolation and vapor-control solutions under ceramic, porcelain and natural-stone tiles. The systems provide exceptional waterproofing and vapor protection in wet and high-moisture environments including bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, hot tubs and steam rooms.

The systems can include the Mapeguard WP 200, thin and flexible sheet membrane, Mapeguard WP ST waterproofing sealing tape, Mapeguard PIC pre-formed inside corners, Mapeguard POC pre-formed outside corners, Mapeguard PC pre-formed pipe collars and Mapeguard VC pre-formed valve collars. Together, these components provide a worry-free waterproofing installation for commercial and residential areas.

“These unique systems address the demands of today’s modern building practices, which incorporate a combination of water features contributing to creating wet and high-moisture environments in ceramic tile and stone installations,” said Brian Pistulka, MAPEI’s business manager for Tile & Stone Installation Products. “Of equal importance, from the installer’s perspective, is that the systems provide application-friendly solutions with high performance and a low perm rating, making them ideal for residential and commercial areas.”

Components of Mapeguard WP waterproofing membrane systems can be purchased individually or collectively as the Mapeguard Combo Pack. Additionally, Mapeguard WP 200 and Mapeguard WP ST qualify for MAPEI’s Best-Backed Warranty when used with a MAPEI mortar and grout.

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