Custom-tiled showers are growing in popularity as designers and homeowners seek the ability to make bold statements in the bath. The trend away from traditional customized mud beds toward the preformed shower base has in fact limited the sizes and shapes of shower designs. As a result, the distribution channel is a bit “clogged” with some preformed bases that are not as popular as others. Pre-formed bases are also often awkward and difficult to use in remodeling older homes, and can restrict the installer to specific drain manufacturers and designs.

To solve these problems, Guru-USA is introducing Evo Slant, where ease, convenience and flexibility all flow together. Evo Slant shower pan kit for linear and square drains can work with almost any manufacturers’ drains in any size and shape, including small mosaics. The adaptable design reduces SKUs on hand, is quick to assemble, waterproof, and can be cut with a tile saw.

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