INSTALL (the International Standards and Training Alliance) is in the process of rolling out polished concrete training. In support of this training, Ardex Americas has created a polished topping curriculum for INSTALL and implemented the training by providing an instructor. Among the first polished topping training locations were New Jersey Local 251, Detroit Local 248 and Ohio Local 373.

Pat Cunningham, Ardex technical services supervisor and decorate overlay specialist, is currently serving as an instructor for the new training. He stated, “I was thrilled to be invited to be part of the new sessions. I believe it’s an important step that INSTALL is taking to stay current in their course offerings. Given the growth in the polished flooring market, it is a great opportunity for INSTALL members.”

Cunningham is aided in his efforts by three INSTALL Instructors: David Gross of Local 251, Steve McCool of Local 248 and Guy Kappele of Local 373. The new polished topping trainings are slated to be held frequently at INSTALL training locations, with further rollout of the program in the near future to the south and western parts of the U.S., Ardex noted.

ARDEX Director of Technical Services Seth Pevarnik, also an INSTALL instructor and supporter of the association, noted that “Ardex is proud to be a trusted partner of INSTALL, and we look forward to training the apprentices, journeymen and contractors in this, and future, generations.”

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