Johns Manville introduced the GoBoard Point Drain Shower System as the newest addition to the GoBoard product line.

“The GoBoard Point Drain Shower System is easily customizable to fit basically every shower size and works around existing plumbing,” said Jeff Newcomer, GoBoard product manager. “We have received very positive feedback from distributors and installers about this new product.”

Like GoBoard Tile Backer, the GoBoard Point Drain Shower System is lightweight, easy to install and waterproof. The system ensures compatibility with numerous drain cover brands. Using pre-sloped GoBoard Wedges, there is no need to wait for specially sized pans. The system accommodates most shower sizes with centered and off-set drain locations.

“This greatly expands the flexibility of the GoBoard system versus competitive solutions, reduces the number of SKUs for distributors and helps installers complete jobs faster and with fewer trips to job site and distributor,” Newcomer added. “GoBoard Wedge and Curb are manufactured using the same process and raw materials as GoBoard, so installers can expect the same level of performance as GoBoard for walls, ceilings, floors and countertops.”

At the center of the system is the GoBoard Point Drain kit, which includes the universal drain cover assembly and pre-assembled drain body with integrated membrane. The low-profile design of these pieces enables curb-less installations. The friction fit drain cover riser allows for height adjustment during tile installation and compatibility with threaded and non-threaded risers. Surrounding the drain, endless design configurations are possible with GoBoard Wedges. Using a utility knife, simply cut to fit.

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