The Natural Stone Institute has announced three new courses in its online Natural Stone University, covering natural stone, facility safety plans, and the sale and marketing of stone.

The Geology of Natural Stone 1: Introduction to Natural Stone
This six-hour course provides a geological overview of natural stone, including the history of natural stone, geological attributes to consider when specifying stone, and how to verify stone classifications. Course materials include four webinars with geologist Karin Kirk, as well as articles about the geological makeup of 10 types of stone and the origins of natural stone colors and patterns.

Facility Safety Plan: Creating an Environment of Safety for Your Employees
Create an environment that promotes safety for all who enter your facility with this five-hour course. This course covers OSHA compliance, safety training, recordkeeping, and the importance of creating a culture that promotes safe actions. Course materials include webinars on OSHA compliance, creating a safety program, silica exposure and the ROI of safety. Additional reading materials include a company safety audit, a silica control plan and an employee safety training syllabus.

Stone Sales 1: Basic Sales and Marketing Measures
Topics discussed in this four-hour course include demographic analysis, creating measurements and using data to increase sales. Learn how to identify and record stone sales measurements, find and mobilize customers into your sales funnel, and understand current and future industry trends. Course materials include webinars on targeting customers, tracking trends, and the evolving countertop customer. Readings include several design and trend articles from the Use Natural Stone website.

Courses are available free of charge to current Natural Stone Institute member companies.

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