Planitop 330 Fast is a quick-setting, polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced cementitious rendering, patching and leveling mortar for interior and exterior walls, floors and submerged areas. It can be applied from 1/8" to 1-1/4" (3 mm to 3,2 cm) in thickness to ramp, smooth or level surfaces, especially walls where large-and-heavy-format tiles are being installed. Eliminating the need for a latex additive, Planitop 330 Fast requires only mixing with water to produce a non-sagging mortar that is ready for tile installation in as little as 90 minutes.

“The product idea for Planitop 330 Fast was generated from discussions at one of our Contractor Councils,” said Brian Pistulka, business manager for MAPEI’s Tile & Stone Installation Systems. “These councils are instrumental in helping MAPEI develop products that meet the needs of the industry and enable installers to increase their productivity and efficiency.”

A significant benefit of Planitop 330 Fast is that it can bond directly to the substrate without the need for a slurry bond coat. Installers can build up to 1-1/4” (3,2 cm) in a single coat. This thickness build addresses the variation that is needed for flattening most large surface areas to receive tile. The fast-setting nature of the mortar allows installers to perform surface preparation and install tiles in the same day.

“We expect Planitop 330 Fast to find fast acceptance with tile-installation contractors because it was designed from the beginning to fulfill their surface-preparation requirements in the face of industry trends in new tile sizes,” said Pistulka. “In addition to wall-tile installations with large- format tile and large thin-gauged panels, Planitop 330 Fast also works to prep floors and walls for all sizes of tiles.”

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