Repair contractors, architects and building owners now have a safer, more consistent option to integrally add color to concrete flooring overlays. Prosoco's new Integral Color for Overlays is a pre-measured, concentrated liquid designed to integrally color cement mixtures for overlays and polishable overlays.

Available in nine colors, Integral Color for Overlays blends easily into overlays during the mixing process to create attractive hard surfaces. The UV-resistant, easy-to-mix colors produce uniform and consistent color results in overlay applications. The liquid formulations are less messy than powdered integral colors and also safer. They’re non-hazardous and water-based, and come in 10-ounce packages for easy shipping.

“We’ve heard from many frustrated contractors who have had to wait a week or longer for liquid integral colors to ship once an order is placed,” said Nick Savage, leader of Prosoco's Consolideck concrete floor products. “All nine colors of our Integral Color for Overlays will be readily in stock, allowing contractors to get the product in hand faster and avoid any related delays to their jobs.”

Integral Color for Overlays colorants are also VOC-compliant, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and low-odor. Integral Color for Overlays is suitable for overlays in outdoor or indoor applications, and are compatible with other Consolideck products that color, densify, dustproof, add sheen, and protect from stains.

“We heard from multiple customers across the nation that powdered colors for overlays were not performing to their standards in terms of consistent and even color results,” Savage said. “This liquid formulation has been tested and proven to produce more consistent color results, and be safer than powdered versions for applicators.”

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