Titebond has introduced its most versatile flooring adhesive to date, the new 780 Premium Multi-Purpose Flooring Adhesive.

The new 780 is a latex adhesive that provides a strong, permanent bond to all types of carpet, felt -backed resilient sheet goods, cork rubber tile, and luxury vinyl tile and planks (LVT), installed on a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates. With fan assist, installers can begin to lay flooring within five to ten minutes from adhesive application. The adhesive also offers fast tack and excellent 24-hour re-bond properties. Its fast-grab capability reduces curl in sheet goods, while a long working time gives installers a sufficient period to ensure proper positioning.

Application guidelines recommend the appropriate trowel based on type of floor covering. Installers can easily clean up the adhesive when it is still in the wet state with either water or Titebond Adhesive Remover Cleaning Wipes.

The latest addition to the Titebond flooring adhesives line is environmentally safe, with a VOC content of only 25 g/L. Installers and their clients experience no unpleasant or lingering odor. It also is freeze/thaw stable, nonflammable and water-resistant.

Titebond 780 Premium Multi-Purpose Flooring Adhesive is available in one- and four-gallon plastic pails through flooring specialty stores, builder supply stores and flooring distributors.

For more information, visit www.titebond.com.