As we look back at 25 years of flooring installation history, it’s clear to me that we have been just a small part of something bigger. And while we are proud our history here at Floor Covering Installer, we wouldn’t be here without a group of industry professionals who care deeply about quality floor installations. Twenty-five years ago, this magazine was started to support a supply chain process of floor covering usage, distribution, and installation. While writing about this industry over the years, we see how the installation of flooring has not only fashioned an aesthetic world around us and provided solutions for the built environment, it has also created career paths for generations of people—and rich relationships that will last forever.

FCI has been there through the peaks and valleys as an independent source to serve all of you. With authority, prestige, editorial vitality and reader engagement, Floor Covering Installer has delivered our very best for a quarter century to support and educate you. I hope you enjoyed our walk through history. This is a tribute to all the hard working, passionate people who have made this industry what it is today.