Nearly all flooring installation professionals have at some point needed to move heavy items such as appliances or furniture during their project. While some objects can be safely moved with manpower alone, heavier items like metal cabinets and kitchen or laundry appliances can present challenges and cause issues on the job site, including potential damage to the flooring surface, damage to the item being moved and/or surroundings, requirements for bulky tools or additional resources to help with the move and the risk of injury.

Airsled’s Appliance Mover systems are especially appreciated for their ease of use and effectiveness in preventing flooring damage during appliance moves. Airsled's light-weight solutions create a hover-craft like effect to easily and safely lift whatever is resting on them. Users can simply push or pull the heavy object with very minimal effort and “glide it on air” to its destination.

Airsled’s Appliance Movers, whose air beams are 9x36x1/8 in., are compatible with over 99% of major appliances on the market. The standard appliance movers can lift 700 lbs while the heavy-duty models can lift up to 900 lbs. Both models can be ordered with or without vacuum cleaner capability. Models with the vacuum option allow for quick cleanup of the work area. In addition to the four Appliance Mover models, Airsled offers various accessories for loads with footprints both smaller and larger than as standard refrigerator.

While Airsled systems work best on smooth, nonporous surfaces such as wood and tile, Airsled rough surface adapters, which are included with each Appliance Mover system, or products such as Ram Board or plastic tarps can be used to create a smooth path over porous surfaces such as carpeting. Adjustable spacers systems for objects that sit on raised legs are also available.

To see how Airsled products perform, the Airsled website hosts videos of not only the Appliance Movers in action, but also many other Airsled standard and custom systems at work.

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