DriTac Flooring Products has launched DriTac 2000 Vertical, a polymer-based adhesive for interior wall applications. This instant grab adhesive provides superior bond strength for the vertical installation of hardwood flooring, hardwood stair treads, caps and risers, large panels, wall boards, mirrors, chair rails, windowsills and more. DriTac 2000 will adhere to a multitude of vertical surfaces without slippage, eliminating the need for secondary support for the majority of applications. DriTac 2000 has a robust instant green strength that can be applied at temperatures of 0° - 105° F, and does not shrink, crack or peel. It also has a low-VOC solution with no offensive odors.

DriTac 2000 is available in 9.5 fl. oz. plastic cartridges complete with a detachable ‘V’ notch dispensing top, which helps provide for a hassle-free application. This full-bodied adhesive can be applied with DriTac’s new high-gear ratio cartridge adhesive manual dispensing gun.

“The performance characteristics of this product are outstanding,” said David Clarkson, vice-president of sales, Eastern US, adhesives. “The decorative vertical application segment of the market has grown exponentially in recent years and this heavy-duty adhesive carries a tenacious bond strength that can handle the most demanding interior wall installations.”

For more information, visit www.dritac.com.