Marshalltown, Iowa -- MarshallTown has acquired Bullet Tools to solidify MarshallTown’s position as a leader in the flooring and tiling trades with the additional benefit of offering quality products to the siding and insulation industries.

The acquisition fits into MarshallTown's strategy of providing professionals with the best, most innovative products. By purchasing Bullet Tools, MarshallTown expands its product offerings and reinforces its position in the industry.

“Our purchase of Bullet Tools complements everything we’ve built here at MarshallTown,” said Joe Carter, president and CEO. “Their brand recognition, customer loyalty, innovation, and above all, quality products, made them a natural fit. We plan to grow that reputation and provide our dealers, distributors, and customers with an even stronger line of flooring and tiling products.”

MarshallTown plans to keep the Bullet Tools name and brand, but add its products to the MarshallTown’s catalog. The company will continue to maintain Bullet Tools’ quality and innovative spirit.

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