Lake Zurich, Ill. -- According to a recent report from WarmlyYours, third quarter radiant heating sales were led by the combination of electric floor heating cable with uncoupling membranes.

The report from WarmlyYours analyzes the sales of radiant heating products within the wider context of the national housing and remodeling markets. One of the primary conclusions drawn in the report was that TempZone Floor Heating Cable continued to be the fastest growing floor heating element since the 3.7-watt iteration was launched in the fourth quarter of 2015.

So far in 2019, TempZone Floor Heating Cable sales have grown 25.5%, compared to the same period in 2018, and now make up 24% of all floor heating product sales. While TempZone Flex Rolls (up 8.7%) continue to be the highest selling floor heating elements, TempZone Floor Heating Cable provided the largest increase in sales volume. Even though the cable’s growth rate slowed somewhat in the third quarter (up 18.5%), it still contributed the most significant sales volume variation to push total floor heating sales into the black for the quarter.

Uncoupling membranes have also shown positive growth, possibly because they are often paired together with heating cable for installations under tile, marble, or stone floors. This combination has proven popular with both homeowners and professionals because it allows for the incorporation of radiant heating while combining shorter installation times with long lasting benefits for relatively fragile floor coverings like tile.

So far this year, sales of the Prodeso membrane have increased 9.6%, which has been in large part driven by a 11.9% increase in Q3. This increase has led to Prodeso making up 62% of all underlayment sales so far in 2019, up from 55% a year prior.

“It’s very clear that the combination of floor heating and uncoupling membranes is here to stay," said Julia Billen, owner and president of WarmlyYours. "The professionals we work with appreciate the familiarity and the reduced installation time. While homeowners love the fact that their new heated tile floor is not just comfortable but also protected from crack issues. Floor heating rolls and mats will always be viable options, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the combination of cable and uncoupling membrane becomes the number one heating system for tile bathrooms in the next 5 years.”

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