When developing the single-component Mapei Ultralite Mortar, Mapei researchers relied on proprietary lightweight filler formulations that maximized weight reduction while improving application characteristics. This thixotropic mortar with Mapei Ultralite Technology easily accommodates commercial large-format heavy tile and stone wall applications, as well as large-format thin-body tile applications for walls and floors – all without slipping or sagging. 

The entire innovative family of Ultralite mortars is packed with advanced technologies, including Easy Glide Technology for fast, easy application. Packaged in 25-lb. (11,3-kg) bags, Ultralite mortars are half the weight of traditional large-and-heavy-tile (LHT) mortars (formerly medium-bed mortars), yet provide the same coverage. This lightweight feature not only reduces transportation costs, it also provides an enormous benefit to installers who must carry material around the jobsite – particularly for multi-level buildings.

  • The technology behind Mapei Ultralite Mortars – Lightweight and thixotropic
  • Unique nanostructure: These mortars’ cement matrixes are densely populated with fine particles, fibers, lightweight fillers and thickeners.
  • Variable viscosity: During installation, a thixotropic mortar decreases in viscosity (shear thinning), while being adjusted into place. Once tile is placed into the mortar, viscosity increases to the original thickness, holding the tile firmly to the substrate.
  • Slip resistance: Mapei Ultralite Mortars have the  ability to support large-format tiles without slip on vertical surfaces per the ISO 13007 and ANSI characteristic T of less than 0.02" (0,5 mm) in slip resistance.
  • Ultralite Mortars have multiple “green” attributes 

Ultralite Mortars are a perfect fit for an ever-growing list of sustainability programs, such as LEED and Living Building Challenge (LBC), which requires building products with 20% recycled content, low-to-zero VOCs and non-hazardous ingredients. Because the Ultralite family of mortars does not contain ingredients such as crystal silica in its formulation, it is “LBC Red List Free.” Additionally, Ultralite mortars have been Green Squared® certified to the ANSI A138.1 standard for product characteristics, manufacturing, end-of-product-life management, progressive corporate governance and innovation.

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