Whittaker introduced a new 12-inch Smart Care Trio machine for low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning at ISSA Show North America.

The machine features a machine-mounted solution tank, making it even easier to conduct interim carpet maintenance.

“The addition of an on-board tank means that employees won’t have to walk around with a separate sprayer anymore,” said Keith Gallagher, vice president of sales and marketing. “This not only simplifies the carpet care process but makes cleaning teams more productive.”

The Smart Care Trio machine is equipped with three counter-rotating brushes for greater mechanical action for heavily-soiled and high-traffic areas. It also features an integrated collection hopper for debris pick-up, landing gear to protect the brushes when not in use and lite-touch control for easy operation. In addition to the 12-inch version, the machine is available in 15-, 20- and 25-inch options to accommodate a wide range of environments and productivity requirements.

When the TRIO machine is used in conjunction with Whittaker’s Crystal Chemistry line, organizations can enhance the appearance and color of their carpets and extend carpet life.

“Flooring is usually the first thing guests and customers notice upon entering a facility and is often a facility’s most abused asset,” said Gallagher. “Conducting regular interim maintenance with a reliable machine and the right cleaning solution ensures that carpets always look their best and last for years to come.”

For more information, visit www.whittakersystem.com.