iQ Power Tools’ iQ426 HEPA dust extraction vacuum is engineered to meet OSHA’s silica dust requirements for working in construction applications. iQ 426 HEPA uses airflow tuned cyclone technology so that less than 1% of the dust reaches the filter, meaning the vacuum maintains optimum performance.

The iQ 426 HEPA has four stages of filtration: (1) large cyclone captures larger particle sizes; (2) small cyclones captures medium to small-sized particles; (3) filtration system captures the tiniest particles; and (4) HEPA. The first two stages utilize cyclonic filtration, which pull and capture different sized particles from the air stream, keeping them from reaching the final two stages.

The iQ 426 features a 10-gallon or 50-pound dust containment tub with an optional dust containment bag system, making dust disposal is easy, efficient, and safe, and comes complete with an array of nozzle accessories and a heavy-duty cart that provides protection and durability while maximizing job site portability. 

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