Metroflor’s attention to quality and detail extends from the design of its flooring to a comprehensive coordinating molding program. A wide range of these waterproof accessories has been developed for both the Engage Genesis rigid core collection and the new Engage Inception SPC collection to ensure that retailers and installers can create a seamless-looking, premium effect. “Beyond offering high-quality flooring with some of the best designs in the industry, our molding program adds value and beauty with these finishing touches,” said Gary Keeble, director of marketing, Metroflor.

Stylish Molding Options for Engage Genesis & Engage Inception

Trim options for Engage Genesis and Engage Inception extend its style to the moldings by using the same film as the floor chosen for the best match possible. Made with a grey structural core, the waterproof profiles offer durable, reliable performance with fast and easy installation and maintenance.

When installing matching trim with high-contrast designs, especially for stairs, Keeble recommends setting aside pieces of flooring that best match the trim provided before beginning the flooring installation. This will deliver a more consistent and visually pleasing effect.

Each 94.48-inch long molding profile includes a recyclable plastic trim-track. Note that the trim-track will not be used when installing moldings in combination with Engage Inception due to the overall gauge of the product. In lieu of the trim-track, Metroflor recommends installing the moldings with construction adhesive.

Here are some installation tips for Metroflor’s molding profiles:

Flush Stair Nose. Use the flush stair nose to finish stair edges or step-down applications. Safety tip: When installing Engage Genesis, both stair treads and risers should be permanently bonded using Prevail 3500 adhesive. Don’t use the overlap stair nose moldings on staircases or individual stair threads.

Overlap Stair Nose. For landing edges or step-down applications. Installation tip: Use only in step down situations when transitioning from an area that is floating. For example: a floating kitchen installation with a step down to a sunken living room, landing or landing to staircase; not for use on stair cases or individual stair treads.

Quarter Round. Cover the expansion gap between the floor and wall or other fixed vertical surfaces.

End Cap. Use in doorways or thresholds to finish the space where the flooring ends.

T-Molding. Join Engage Genesis flooring in doorways or thresholds to other flooring of equal height.

Multi-Purpose Reducer. Join Engage Genesis with other materials of lesser thickness.

Additional Tips for Installing T-Molding, End Cap, Reducer and Overlap Stair Nose Profiles

Allow ¼-inch expansion gap between the center mounting foot of the molding and the flooring, and make sure the subfloor is dry, clean and debris-free.

Apply a small bead of construction adhesive to the center mounting foot of the molding and press in place, leaving the required ¼-inch expansion gap. Don’t over-apply construction adhesive. Filling expansion gap with adhesive with prohibit natural expansion/contraction of the floor.

Apply 3M Blue Tape to secure the molding while construction adhesive sets up and don’t walk on the molding for 24 hours.

Installation Tips for Quarter Round

  • Cover expansion gap with quarter round and affix it to wall or baseboard using a finish nailer with 18 gauge nails.
  • Set nails below finish surface using a nail punch and fill holes with matching color repair stick.
  • Don’t pinch the floor with quarter round—it should rest on top of the floor, so it won’t impede natural expansion/contraction.

Case Study: Metroflor Moldings in Las Vegas

InStyle Flooring & Designs in Las Vegas recently chose Metroflor moldings to be the perfect finishing touch for one of their residential installations. InStyle’s showroom has been featured in a segment of the series “Property Brothers: Forever Home”, an inspirational renovation and design show in which the celebrity-builder Scott brothers focus on helping clients turn their existing home into the absolute best place it can be.

For a residential installation, Claudia Bencomo, Flooring Design Consultant for InStyle, specified Metroflor’s flush stair nose. According to Bencomo, the process was fast and easy. The installer prepped and cleaned the subfloor, then cut the stair nose to the size of the stair treads and adhered it to the LVT with Liquid Nails. “The matching Metroflor stair nose made the floor look seamless and clean,” said Bencomo. “My customer was extremely happy and bought even more material from me.”