An all-inclusive moisture and humidity measuring kit has been put together for the floor installer and inspector.

Moisture and humidity are two factors that can affect wood floors during acclimation, installation and later when the floor is use. The measuring kit from Lignomat includes the Ligno-VersaTec moisture meter, which can be operated as a pin meter, a pinless meter as well as a Thermo-Hygrometer.

The meter has individual settings in pin and pinless mode for soft and hardwoods, OSB, subfloors, bamboo, concrete and drywall. All other flooring materials such as carpets and laminates can be examined with reference scales, which are also preprogrammed.

The pin mode is accessed by connecting one of the handheld probes. For core measurements in pin mode, the Slide-hammer electrode E12 is included with up to 2” long pins. For hard materials the Electrode E14 is included. The user can hammer on top of the Electrode E14 to insert the pins into the hardest woods, strand bamboo, etc. 

The pinless (non-invasive) mode has a unique dual-depth feature. The measuring depth can be selected to ¾” and ¼” deep. This allows for measuring thinner materials than the standard ¾” thick boards. It also allows measuring engineered products more accurately with the ability to read the top layer of the solid wood separate from the core material.

A precision RH Probe is included. The probe can be connected to the Ligno-VersaTec for measuring humidity and ambient temperature.  For more information, visit