The Euclid Chemical Company (Euclid Chemical), a leading manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry, announced it has been awarded a new patent for its dust- limiting aggregate, DL Technology, which is used in Euclid Chemical's line of E3 epoxy grouts.

The patented technology was developed by Euclid Chemical researchers to support worker safety by reducing the amount of dust released into the environment during epoxy grout handling and mixing. This unique aggregate is a progressive approach to OSHA's Respirable Crystalline Silica standard, which became effective in 2017 and requires employers to limit construction workers' exposure to crystalline silica, a known cause of silicosis and other lung diseases.

In the industrial manufacturing market, re-grouting is an ongoing process as equipment is moved or replaced, and environmental factors affect even the most durable grout.

Euclid Chemical's robust line of epoxy grouts is formulated with contractor-friendly features, including easy installation, flowability, and soap and water cleanup. Plus, it eliminates the need for workers to construct dust-free clean rooms around grouting areas. The products in the E3 line include:

This high-flow, high-strength epoxy grout is designed for large base plates and narrow configurations where flowability is crucial. With balanced physical properties and resistance to vibration and torque, E3-Flowable is formulated for easy installation, suitable for pouring or pumping, and can be mixed with a variable amount of aggregate to achieve the exact flow required.

E3-Deep Pour
Formulated for very deep placements of up to 18 inches (46 cm), E3-Deep Pour is ideal for grouting machine and equipment bases. This high-strength epoxy grout provides maximum bearing for bases of numerous configurations. It was specifically formulated to meet the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute Standard 610 for Baseplate and Soleplate Grouting.

E3-Xtreme is a three-component, high-flow epoxy grout with the highest compressive strength, low compressive creep and outstanding effective bearing area. It is characterized by extremely fast compressive strength development and excellent flowability, both of which are properties that are critical for extreme installations such as grouting of wind turbine column bases.

Developed for aggressive chemical environments where exposure to concentrated acids, alkali, corrosives or solvents can occur, E3-HCR is ideal for grouting in chemical processing plants and secondary chemical containment systems. A special resin and hardener formulation, E3-HCR has extremely high compressive strength, with ultra-low creep and outstanding effective bearing area.

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