MP Global Products produces high-performing products made primarily from recycled materials.

Designed for floating floor materials, QuietWalk's recycled filaments are specially processed to cushion the floor, absorbing sound and reducing unwanted noise. This helps make floating floors sound more like fastened wood and helps to keep sound from traveling to other rooms. Although it can be installed over wood or concrete subfloors, QuietWalk can manage moisture that surfaces in the form of vapors that naturally come up from concrete subfloors with its exclusive DriWick technology. Since QuietWalk and concrete are both "breathable" capillary products, vapors that are emitted will never accumulate under the pad into harmful moisture. The DriWick technology will wick away harmful moisture while the attached vapor barrier protects the overlying flooring from any attacking moisture. With QuietWalk flooring underlayment you get better moisture protection, as the fibers manage harmful moisture concerns.

Available in 3' x 33.4' (100 sq ft) or 6' x 60' (360 sq ft) rolls.

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