FILA presents two Instant Solutions ready to remove fresh grout residue during installation, resulting in a clean surface right after grouting. The installer can choose between two formulas, based on the grout being used to install the tile.

Instant Remover is aimed at fresh cement grout, while Hybrid & Epoxy Pro is conceived for fresh hybrid (urethane and pre-mixed) and epoxy grout. Designed together with tile installers, Instant Remover and Hybrid & Epoxy Pro eliminate grout haze before it even starts, leaving the tile surface completely clean right away – no returning to the construction site for post-installation cleaning! Both Instant Solutions rely on the unique RapidDry Technology, which allows the installer to apply the product on fresh grout without damaging it.

The 24-ounce spray bottle is so user friendly that even do-it-yourselfers can use it. Instant Remover and Hybrid & Epoxy Pro dry quickly, they don’t foam, don’t need rinsing and you don’t need special tools to apply them. “Instant Remover and Hybrid & Epoxy Pro are right in line with FILA’s commitment to professionals. We’re here to provide products that make the installer’s job easier, without having to compromise the impeccable results they guarantee their customers. It goes without saying that the Instant Solutions are also biodegradable, because at FILA, innovation and the environment walk hand in hand,” affirmed Francesco Pettenon, FILA’s CEO.

Use FILA’s Instant Solutions – Instant Remover and Hybrid & Epoxy Pro – on large format tile, porcelain and ceramic tile, glass mosaic and quarry tile. Just install, spray, clean and you’re done!

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