The second Build My Future Flooring Edition event will take place in Plano, Texas, on Tuesday April 14. Giving young adults the opportunity to “test drive” careers within the construction industry, this second edition of Build My Future’s flooring program will introduce and educate students to the flooring industry and bring awareness to the different roles, which can be career opportunities as a flooring installation professional.

The inspiration for Build My Future Flooring Edition came from Certified Flooring Installers Association’s (CFI) participation in Build My Future events that took place in Springfield, Mo., which were geared toward exposing high school students to jobs in the construction industry as a whole.

“We were invited to an event called Build my Future in Springfield, Mo., where they brought in trades from every aspect of construction and made it all hands on and interactive,” Robert Varden, vice president of CFI, explained. “What would happen is these [high school] kids would come in, and if it was electrical, they were doing something with lighting, or fitting pipe. For our modules, they were setting tile and setting wood and making seams in the carpet and so forth.”

After participating in the program for several years, Varden recognized the need for a Build My Future’s flooring-specific program. Now in its second year, high school students will once again spend the day working in the flooring industry through an interactive showcase.

“CFI has been focused on the initiative of reaching the youth for the past three years. Not only to let them know that floor covering installation is a viable opportunity for them, but in most cases, it is also a very profitable one without the college debt,” said Varden.

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