USG Corporation recently announced its latest addition to the Durock Brand line of floor prep products.

USG Durock Brand CoverPrep Moisture Vapor Reducer is a universal, low-prep moisture vapor barrier designed for use over concrete substrates.

As a low-prep moisture vapor barrier, CoverPrep can address productivity concerns by not requiring mechanical preparation for most applications. This water-based epoxy is versatile, as it can cover adhesive residues, chemically abated slabs, asphalt-based products, vinyl tiles, terrazzo, and other well-bonded solid surfaces.

This latest offering from USG Performance Flooring manages moisture levels up to 99% RH, pH levels up to 14, and moisture vapor emission rates up to 14 lbs. per ASTM F1869 with one coat, and up to 25 lbs. with a two-coat application.

For wet, problematic concrete substrates, USG Durock Brand CoverPrep ensures that your moisture problem is covered—learn more here.

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