Schluter-Systems, a provider in profiles for ceramic and stone tile installations, is launching a line of profiles made specifically for resilient flooring applications. Schluter-VINPRO provides finishing, transition and edge protection for resilient floors, stairs, and wall coverings. The durable metal profiles provide long-lasting, unobtrusive installations with a sleek, minimalist reveal that blends in with any décor. They can be used in new and retrofit situations so they are ideal to upgrade the look and performance of an existing installation.

The VINPRO profiles are available in three complementary brushed aluminum finishes – bronze, nickel, and chrome - that make it easy to complement any resilient covering. The need to wait for custom manufacturing of a precise color match is eliminated, simplifying the design process and reducing overall project time.

The new profiles are available for coverings from 1/8” to ¼” (2.5 mm to 6 mm) in thickness and feature a tapered anchoring leg to ensure a smooth transition between the substrate and the profile. The anchoring leg also features unique holes spaced evenly along the length of the profile for use with fasteners. VINPRO profiles can be installed using fasteners or with a suitable adhesive.

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